Asphalt Release Agents from Brody Chemical

Laying asphalt is not an easy job, and long hours in the hot sun and lots of hard work can make the job even harder. If you and your paving crew have trouble with sticky asphalt making matters worse, look no further than Brody Chemical.

Brody Chemical offers asphalt release spray in a range of container sizes to make the job easier. Asphalt sticks to the metal in dump trucks and paving equipment, calling for constant cleaning and a halt to work. Brody Chemical has three biodegradable release agents available in different mixtures depending on the strength you need. Additionally, all our asphalt release agents are biodegradable.

What are Asphalt Release Agents?

Asphalt release agents can be composed of different blends and mixtures, but all designed to lubricate metal surfaces. Hot tar-based asphalt bonds easily to smooth metal surfaces like those in delivery trucks or on rollers. While there is a way to clean asphalt off metal, it can interrupt workflow and turn a day’s worth of work into several days.

Asphalt Release Clear Wizard

Hot asphalt sticks to metal incredibly easy, especially during the warmest months of summer. That’s where Clear Wizard Asphalt Release comes in. Clear Wizard is an advanced polymer blend that makes the smooth metal of a delivery truck slick enough for asphalt to slide off. We recommend diluting Clear Wizard as a 10:1 mixture using water and application through a pressurized sprayer. Clear Wizard is available in 275, 55, 35, 15, 6, 1 gallon sizes.

Asphalt Release White Wizard

Like the Clear Wizard, White Wizard is designed to keep asphalt from sticking to metal in asphalt trucks and rollers. This product is a blend of surfactants and silicones that create a monomolecular film that prevents asphalt from bonding to the metal. You and your team can also dilute White Wizard 20:1 for longer use.

Asphalt Release Slippery Wizard

Made of VOC-free, biodegradable components, Slippery Wizard is designed specifically to prevent asphalt or tar-like products from sticking to metal and improve pouring. One coat will do the job for a full day of work. When you spend less time cleaning your equipment, there’s more time to get the job done. Slippery Wizard is available in different sizes ranging from 1 to 275 gallons.

Order Today from Brody Chemical

Brody Chemical serves a number of industries across the country created under strict quality control standards. Our inventory of asphalt release agents is perfect for state and city pavers as well as private companies. Order today online or call us at 1(800)-488-2436.