Water treatments for commercial boilers and cooling towers from Brody Chemical.

Cooling Tower & Boiler Water Treatments

Brody Chemical manufactures and distributes water treatments for cooling towers and boilers across the county. When you need large quantities of soft water treatment for your commercial needs, you can rely on Brody. We serve hospitals, greenhouses, department stores, office buildings and more.

From our US-based labs, we create scientifically advanced and proven effective products with large-scale use in mind. Our products only contain necessary components to create lasting effects for your facility. Our water treatments are specially designed to work for cooling towers and boilers.

Our Products Include

  • Soft Water Makeup
  • Boiler Treatments
  • Condensate Treatment
  • Oxygen Scavengers
  • Cooling Treatment
  • Cooling Treatment Microbicides
  • Closed Loop Systems
  • General Products

These products are perfect for businesses that use chemicals in bulk for daily operations. Order any of our products in bulk for your own employees or janitorial staff to use. Brody Chemical takes pride in producing and distributing quality products across the country to facilities like yours and in all industries. Contact Brody Chemical today to learn more about our cooling tower and boiler water treatments.