Commercial Cleaning Equipment

At Brody Chemical, we’ve been selling high-quality janitorial equipment in Salt Lake City since 1975. We’ve grown from a local company to a company that covers half the United States. We create affordable, high-quality products that are manufactured under strict quality control standards, superior personal service and professional technical support.

We sell products to over 50,000 customers in a variety of different industries, including hotels, apartments, commercial buildings, car dealerships, industrial shops, restaurants, government, manufacturing and more. The representatives at Brody Chemical are trained to give the professional and technical assistance that our customers have come to expect. If you any questions about our products and services, call us today.

Our Products

Brody Chemical provides the following commercial-grade janitorial products and services:

  • Aerosols: This includes air fresheners and sanitizers, insecticide, paint remover, oven cleaner, gear lubricant and weed killer.
  • Asphalt Release: These spray-on lubricants prevent asphalt from sticking to the sides of asphalt trucks.
  • Automotive: We carry air fresheners, acid wash, alkaline wash, bug remove, carburetor cleaner, degreaser and much more.
  • Can Liners: Our durable can liners are appropriate for outdoor trash cans, kitchen garbage pails and bathroom wastebaskets.
  • Equipment: We sell basic janitorial equipment like nozzle sprayer heads, drum pumps, soap dispensers, squeegees, commercial spray bottles and bathroom tissue dispensers.
  • Floor Care: We carry acrylic floor finish, carpet cleaner, floor restorers and wax strippers amongst other floor care products.
  • Food Service: Acid cleaner, bottle wash, chlorinated powder, egg wash, flatware presoak liquid and freezer cleaner are just some of the food service cleaning products we sell.
  • Greases and Oils: We sell a complete fuel system cleaner, food grade grease, TuffPlate grease and super impact grease at Brody Chemical.
  • Snow and Ice Melt/Grounds and Agriculture: For outdoor projects, we sell dust control agents, foam marker dyes, several snow and ice melts, soil conditioner, weed killer and more.
  • Industrial: Our industrial products include aircraft cleaner, alkaline wash, adhesive spray aerosol, concrete cleaner, electrical degreaser and glass cleaner aerosol.
  • Insecticides: We sell residual insecticide, residual insecticide aerosol and wasp and hornet spray aerosol.
  • Institutional: Institutional products include antibacterial foam soap, air freshener, ceramic tile cleaner, disinfectant sprays, shampoo and ice machine descaler.
  • Laundry: We carry laundry products like detergent, color safe bleach, industrial laundry soap and laundry spotter and presoak.
  • Paper Products: You can purchase bath tissue, multifold towels, facial tissue and bathroom towel dispensers from Brody Chemical.
  • Pool and Spa: To maintain pools, we carry alkaline builder, bromine tabs, calcium builder, pool test kits, chlorine tabs, pH liquid and more.
  • Responsible Solutions: This includes products like air freshener, all purpose cleaner, bacteria concentrate, car wash soap, laundry concentrate and wax emulsifier.
  • Restaurant: For restaurant cleanliness, we sell bacteria concentrate, carpet spotter aerosol, dish wash detergent, floor cleaner, fat fryer cleaner, enzyme digestant and other powerful restaurant cleaning products.
  • Waste Water Treatment: Waste water treatments include enzyme digestant, lift station maintainer, liquid live bacterial, portachemical and sewer solvent.