High-quality Concrete Products from Brody Chemical

With 30 years of experience in industrial and maintenance chemicals for professional use, Brody Chemical is honored to provide high-quality concrete products to our industrial and institutional clients. We distribute a variety of concrete products, including concrete sealers, releases, stains and much more.

Concrete Sealers

Concrete sealers are vital to the appearance and structure of concrete, since it’s a porous material and easily absorbs liquids. Exterior concrete in areas of the country where it can be affected by freeze-thaw cycles should be sealed to protect from surface damage, staining and corrosion. Regions like Texas, New Mexico, Georgia, South Carolina, and even parts of California, experience freeze-thaw climates from time to time, and the expansion of frozen liquids can damage the surface of wet and unsealed concrete.

In other regions, concrete can be stained and sealed for specific purposes, such as abrasion, chemical resistance as well as dust and stain repellence.

At Brody Chemical, we carry an extensive range of concrete sealers, including exterior stain, slab and epoxy sealers. Whether you need sealer for your concrete driveway or an interior concrete floor, we have the solution just for your needs.

Concrete Cleaning Products

The purpose of concrete cleaners is to penetrate and break down the build ups of oil and grease on concrete and other masonry surfaces and exteriors. Brody Chemical provides our clients with a wide variety of concrete cleaners and solutions that are designed to clean and remove pollutants and contaminants from surfaces.