Floor Care Products from Brody Chemical

Whether you need floor cleaning products for a school, car dealership or commercial kitchen, Brody Chemical has a solution for you. We pride ourselves on carrying a wide variety of high-quality and eco-conscious floor care products for all needs and purposes. Floor cleaners for concrete, floor wax, carpet cleaner and everything in-between can be found below. Make automobile carpeting look as good as new with our powerful and safe carpet cleaning solution. Our carpet cleaning products come in liquid concentrates, powders and aerosols so that carpets can be spot or steam cleaned. We work hard to offer businesses the best in floor care products formulated especially to keep working longer to ensure cost-effective and sanitary cleaning. Many of our all-purpose floor cleaners come in non-toxic and 100% biodegradable options so that you can keep your business or facility eco-friendly.

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When you buy your floor care solutions from Brody Chemical you know that you’re getting eco-conscious and competitively priced products. Buying floor cleaners for your business directly from Brody Chemical saves time and money by cutting out the middle man. We offer each and every client direct bulk purchasing, knowledgeable technical assistance and reliable delivery. Get your order started today by contacting our customer service representatives at 800-488-2436.