Food Grade Cleaners

Whether you work at a high-end restaurant or in a school cafeteria, you need high-quality sanitizing supplies. At Brody Chemical, our food grade cleaners cut through the toughest grease, grime and calcium deposits that collect on your equipment. Keep equipment like fryers, cookers, grills, refrigerators and countertops free from destructive buildup with degreasers, disinfectant, descalers, food grade lubricants, drain openers and more. We also carry dish washing liquids that will keep dinnerware and glassware sparkling like new.

Restaurant sanitizing products from Brody Chemical help you save time and energy removing mineral deposits and hard water films from stainless steel and cast iron surfaces. Our drain openers won’t damage any of your plumbing but they are tough enough to chew through grease, hair and other substances that clog pipes. Our glass washing chemicals and manual and machine dish washing liquids are ideal for keeping glasses and dishes clean, sanitary and in excellent condition. We have food service chemicals that are great for cleaning all types of surfaces, whether it’s floors, walls and bathroom tile, or specific equipment like a coffee machine, fryer or ice machine.

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We’ve been selling restaurant sanitizing products and other janitorial supplies since 1975. Our high-quality products are all manufactured under strict quality control standards, so you can be sure that anything you purchase from Brody Chemical is durable and trustworthy.