Ice and Snow Melt

Using ice and snow melting compounds to clear walks, drives and entries near public buildings is a common practice for public safety. Ice and snow melt products are commonly made of rock salt and calcium chloride. These products depress the freezing point of ice or snow until they melt into a liquid of semi-liquid slush. Solid chemical salts bore through ice or snow and form a strong brine solution. This brine spreads under the ice or hard-packed snow, which breaks its bond to the surface. After it is loose, the ice or snow can be easily removed by snow blowers and other machines. At Brody Chemical, we sell snow and ice melt products in various strengths.

Grounds and Agricultural Products

Give the property you manage the right care and attention with professional-quality grounds maintenance tools. Whether you need soil conditioner or weed killer, you’ll find a great selection of grounds and agricultural maintenance products at Brody Chemical. If you work in a coal mine or rock quarry, we carry dust control agents that prevent coal from dusting in storage and make dirt roads more compact to minimize dust and increase safety.

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We’ve been selling grounds and agricultural products since 1975. Shop at Brody Chemical to purchase environmentally sound, high-quality grounds and agricultural products for the property you manage.