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When it comes to purchasing industrial cleaning products for businesses and large facilities, there’s no one better equipped to serve you than Brody Chemical. Our comprehensive line of products boasts more than 600 distinct formulations of sanitation, institutional, industrial and maintenance chemicals developed for professional use. Brody Chemical carries products that can be used for industrial cleaning in facilities ranging from office buildings to schools, hospitals and manufacturing facilities. Some of our industrial cleaning products include concrete cleaner and sealer, electrical degreaser, floor cleaner, hand cleaners and sanitizers, bio degreaser, acrylic urethane sealer and acid replacement cleaner and many other products. Whatever cleaning and sanitation requirements your business has, Brody Chemical carries a product to address it.

Why Brody Chemical?

Along with exceptional quality and consistency, Brody Chemical offers its clients dependable technical support. When you purchase from Brody Chemical you can be sure that your products will be delivered on-time and have a company who cares standing behind them. Our customers can also anticipate paying less for wholesale cleaning items because when buying directly from Brody Chemical, you get to cut out the middle man.

Buying directly from Brody Chemical ensures that your products will come with professional technical support and that your products will be of the same high quality each time you purchase them. We strive to be consistent with our paper products, customer service and delivery. Along with the professionalism our customers come to expect from Brody Chemical, they also anticipate lower prices than other wholesale paper products distributors. Purchasing paper products straight from Brody Chemical saves businesses time and money by cutting out the middle man.

Buy Direct from Brody Chemical

Spend less time stressing about your business’s industrial cleaning needs by ordering fairly priced and eco-conscious industrial cleaning products from Brody Chemical. Along with field service, delivery and sales professionals, we offer personal service and professional technical support. Our customer service representatives always provide clients with skilled and courteous assistance and have a wide knowledge about all the types of industrial cleaners we offer. Contact us today at 800-488-2436 to place an order today.