Industrial Laundry Supplies

Laundry detergent, bleach and other supplies from Brody Chemical.

When you have constant laundry coming in and out of your establishment, you should have powerful, reliable supplies. Laundry products from Brody Chemical are specially designed to pull out the toughest stains and leave clothes fresher and brighter than before. Brody Chemical is a leading supplier of industrial laundry supplies such as starch, fabric softener, bleach and liquid detergents. We sell bulk and individual orders, perfect for organizations of any size. We supply hotels, hospitals, senior care facilities and other establishments with products designed to make fabrics look their best. Our laundry supplies can remove grass, makeup, food and a variety of other stains.

Brody Chemical Serving You

Since 1975, Brody Chemical has been innovating and producing high-quality chemical products for a number of industries. From hotels, restaurants, apartment complexes and more, we distribute our products across the country to over 50,000 customers. Learn what sets Brody Chemical apart, order today.