Durable Trash Can Liners

When you need large garbage bags to fit outdoor trash cans for your home or business, or you need some high-quality commercial can liners, Brody Chemical has you covered. Our 40 to 45-gallon garbage bags are an excellent choice. These liners are thick and durable, so you can be sure that they won’t rip. These are perfect for various indoor and outdoor uses. We also carry smaller can liners in a variety of sizes that are perfect for kitchen garbage cans and wastebaskets under desks and in the bathroom. These bags are thinner, as they don’t need to carry trash that is heavy or sharp. Our can liners combine affordability with high quality. They are all made from prime resins to create superior bag quality, providing a strong, low cost can liner option. These bags are leak-proof and evenly distribute weight so there are no tears, rips or spills. The trash can liners from Brody Chemical conform easily to the trash can, making them easy to remove from waste receptacles.

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We’ve been selling quality trash can liners and other janitorial supplies since 1975. Our high-quality products are all manufactured under strict quality control standards, so you can be sure that anything you purchase from Brody Chemical is durable and trustworthy.