Restaurant Cleaning Supplies

If you work in a restaurant, the only thing more important than the food is the cleanliness of your establishment. At Brody Chemical, we carry all the restaurant-safe cleaning products you’ll need. Dish wash detergent, fryer cleaner, flatware presoak, floor cleaner, window glass cleaner, pot and pan soap and sink detergent are just some of the restaurant cleaning supplies we carry. These premium products will keep your kitchen appliances and tools free of destructive buildup and your dishes, silverware and glasses sparkling at all times.

Our restaurant cleaning supplies help you save time and effort by removing mineral deposits and hard water film from stainless steel and cast iron surfaces. The drain openers we sell won’t damage plumbing but they’ll break through grease, hair and other substances that clog your pipes. Glass washing chemicals and manual and machine dish washing liquids are perfect for keeping your flatware and glassware clean and in perfect condition.

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At Brody Chemical, we’ve sold restaurant cleaning supplies and other janitorial supplies for over 40 years. The premium cleaning products we sell are manufactured under strict quality control standards. Anything you purchase from us is guaranteed to be effective and safe. Shop our website today to purchase restaurant cleaning supplies.