Brody Chemical distributes commercial cleaning supplies across the country.

Professional Cleaning Supplies from Brody Chemical

There are many reasons to keep your restaurant or bar sparkling clean. Your customers, employees and health inspectors all expect clean dishes, floors and surfaces. So make sure you’re stocked up to keep your establishment sanitary. Brody Chemical manufactures commercial warewash products and builds commercial cleaning products for restaurants, bars, cafeterias, hotels and more.

Wholesale Cleaning Supplies for Commercial Kitchens

For your kitchen cleaning needs, Brody Chemical manufactures wholesale products fit for all commercial customers. Whether you run a five star hotel or a diner, products such as dishwasher sanitizer, detergent, hand cleaner and bar glass washer, we can supply you.

Floor & Laundry Cleaning Chemicals for Commercial Needs

Part of running a commercial establishment is keeping every detail in order. From laundry to floors, Brody Chemical produces highly effective industrial cleaning supplies such as floor cleaners, scrubbers and commercial laundry detergent.

Order Wholesale Commercial Cleaning Supplies

Brody Chemical is US-based and specializes in commercial cleaning supplies for all aspects of your business. Contact us online or by phone at 800-488-2436 today to learn more about our products.