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Shop different categories of Brody Chemical’s professional car washing and waxing products.

Brody Chemical’s Professional Car Wash and Wax Supplies

Brody Chemical makes a diverse line of automotive products for professional and industrial use. Our automotive cleaning products are appropriate for large vehicles, like buses and semi-trucks, as well as smaller passenger cars.

Car Cleaning Products:

  • • Car Wash Soap
  • • Solvent degreaser
  • • Liquid Hand Soap
  • • Foam Brush
  • • Auto Scrubber
  • • Automatic Brush

Car Waxes

  • • Protective Coating
  • • Spray Car Wax
  • • Auto Wax

For the owners of car washes or detailing shops, the appearance of a vehicle plays an important role. Designed with the highest standards in mind, Brody Chemical has a diverse line of professional automotive cleaning products available individually or in bulk.

In addition to automotive cleaners for car washes, Brody Chemical also makes fuel system and component cleaners like brake or carburetor cleaners, for example.

We work closely with automotive shops and car washes across the country. Call Brody Chemical today at 1(800)-488-2436.

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