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Ice and Snow Melt Products

Keeping a home or business snow and ice free is important for the safety of the people there, as well as the safety of your property. Cut down on falls and injuries this winter by using a high-quality ice melt system from Brody Chemical. We carry wholesale and retail rock salt, pet-friendly ice melt, liquid ice melt and various types of other road salt alternatives. Each works a little differently but the end result is the same, minimized snow and ice on your heavily trafficked areas. Ice melt for driveways and concrete are crucial for use at for homes and businesses. If snow isn’t shoveled immediately after it falls, ice can harden onto asphalt, creating a surface that is extremely difficult to remove by hand. De-icing salt and ice melt products can create a safer surface for the people walking on it. Brody Chemical carries retail and wholesale ice and snow melt products.

Why Choose Brody Chemical?

Purchasing your ice and snow melt supplies straight from Brody Chemical gives you the added bonus of receiving excellent customer service, high-quality supplies and the knowledge that you’re buying from an eco-conscious company. Along with exceptional quality, clients who buy from Brody Chemical can anticipate lower prices that other de-icing salt suppliers, reliable delivery and less time spent placing orders. Buying directly from Brody Chemical cuts out the middle man, saving you time and money.

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Make sure to order your de-icing supplies from Brody Chemical if you value fair prices, courteous customer service and an eco-conscious focus. Our technical support is unparalleled and our representatives are trained in providing knowledgeable and polite assistance to each and every client. Get your order started today by contacting us today at 800-488-2436.

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