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Maintaining boilers and cooling towers is an ongoing challenge for Building Managers and Engineers. Corrosion, scale, and biological growth must be constantly monitored and controlled to assure safe and reliable operation. Improper monitoring and treatment will result in increased fuel and electricity costs, interruption of production, shortened equipment life, and dangerous safety conditions for employees.

Brody Chemical’s treatment specialists are trained in boiler and cooling tower chemistry treatment. Our unique chemistries are specially designed and formulated to provide corrosion, scale, and biological growth control.

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    Client Testimonials

    With Brody Chemical, we are able to take care of our customers. We are looking forward to working with Brody Chemical on future projects.

    Steve Madsen | Owner – Total Services Group

    I’ve been using your Reconditioning Crème Industrial Strength. Truly the best thing invented for folks with very dry skin! My skin just loves to crack, peel and split at the fingers. Since I have been using your product my hands recover quicker and healing is instantaneous.

    Barbara Barnes | Rainbow Neon Signs

    We recently used Brody Chemicals Aluma Bright on a track hoe that had lime build-up from oil drilling operations. It did not affect the paint or any stickers on the machine and left it shiny clean and looked like it had been waxed. I would highly recommend this product.

    Steve Elkins | Equipment Yard Coordinator